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  • Basic birth chart with yogas.
  • Yogas in Horoscope.
  • Horoscope reading 2018.
  • Benefical in marriage match making.
  • Navamsa,Vimsotttri dasa.

Foresight's Horoscope includes Basic Casting,planetary combinations in a horoscope ,Lagna ,Navamsha,Bhava, Tara Chakra,Mandi,Subh-Pap Vargs Table, Planetry Baladi Avastha, Vimsottari dasa.

  • Lagna : Your Ascendant (Lagna), or the first house is the most important house in your horoscope.It represents the physical body, head, including brain, general appearance and general attractiveness. The person's nature, his capacity to enjoythe pleasures of life, his struggles, pleasures and pain to be experienced in life are indicated by it. The ascendant lord represents the guardian angel of the individual.
    Sun, Mars, and Jupiter are auspicious when in ascendant. The ascendant lord in cardinal houses or in a trine house bestows physical comfort, when in Trik i.e. in 6th, 8th or 12th house, it leads to difficulties.
  • Navamsha: Navamsa means nine part of a particular Rashi in which each Amsa consists of 3 degrees and 20 minutes. Navamsa literally means ninth part: Navam-9th, Ansa-Part.
    It is usually used during predictions about marriage of the native, spouse, married life etc but is also useful to know characteristics of the native and also his/her spouse in much detail.
  • Bhava Tara Chakra :Bhava Tara Chakra is a very important tool in predictive astrology.The nakshatra tara chakra has been used to give accurate predictions since the earlier ages
  • Mandi : Gulika which also known as 'mandi' is the offspring of Saturn or son of Manda. It is a very important pseudo planets according to the belief in South India especially in Kerala.
    it is associated with Saturn. The lord of the sign is occupied by Mandi which becomes malefic. Astrological works describe the effects of Mandi in each house as well as in conjunction with other planets.
    Mandi is associated with the death of a native as well as his birth also. Most often, it is found that lagna would fall on the sign which may be a trine (5th or 9th) of Mandi’s place or the lord of Mandi’s sign.

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  • Lagna
  • Navamsha
  • Bhava
  • Tara Chakra
  • Mandi
  • Subha-Pap Vagra Table
  • Planetary Baladi Avastha
  • Vimsottari dasa
  • Planetary Combinations in a horoscope