Foresight Systems Limited is a Public Limited Company, duly incorporated under the Indian Companies Act. Incorporated in 1981, the Company has been offering sophisticated high-end astrological services in the form of computerized horoscopes from various centers in the country for the past two decades. Foresight is a pioneer in the field of computerized Indian astrology, offering its horoscope casting services using its own proprietary software, which has been developed totally in-house. 

This proprietary software is deployed across a network of offices and outlets in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Calcutta and Pune, from which Foresight's exclusive astrological services are offered direct to the public at large. 

In fact, Foresight has also been providing its astrological service from Pragati Maidan "on payment of license fee " to the ITPO [then TFAI] ever since the inception of the company in 981 until the year 1996, Even today, the Foresight service is available to the public at large from Palika Parking at New Delhi, and the facility is being operated on a "payment of license fee basis" to NDMC. 

With a corporate philosophy geared toward the generation, harnessing and use of powerful research based astronomical data and in-depth astrological knowledge to offer a highly sophisticated and value-added service, Foresight took a conscious decision right at inception not to offer software developed by it for sale to the trade, or to exploit scaled-down versions of the same to meet demand for low-end and mid-end astrological products in the open market. 

The Company has an empanelled network of professionals, academics and practicing astrologers in excess of a 1000 people, spread over the length and breadth of the country, who have been loyal users of this service offered by Foresight despite the fact that a whole bouquet of cheap astrological software is available today in the market and PCs are price-wise accessible to, well, almost everyone. 

Foresight Systems has an in-house software development center at Delhi, in which a closely knit team of about 10 software professionals have been working in close conjunction with some 50 odd astronomy and astrology experts, not to mention design consultants and creative people, over the past 20 years, in constantly updating the feature-rich software base of the company, and in new product development. In sum, more than 500,000 man-hours have so far gone into the design and development process of the Foresight product, making it the only Indian product with a continuous evolutionary history of over 20 years.

The Foresight Product and its Salient Features

1. The Foresight product and horoscope generation service [both the calculative and predictive aspects] are derived from the rich knowledge base of ancient Indian Astronomy and Indian Astrological systems.  

2. The Foresight horoscope generation service is currently capable of outputting computer-generated horoscopes in almost all major Indian languages. To name a few, we provide horoscope in Marathi, horoscope in Kannada, Bengali horoscope and few more.

3. The Foresight service can generate and present many different astrological models… more than 30 different astrological modules and products may be generated through the Foresight proprietary software, which other software or services available in the market are as yet incapable of.

4. The Foresight product has the largest database of "Yogas" that may be formed in any given horoscope. We provide impeccable online horoscopes with full analysis of birth chart.

5. The software engine behind the Foresight service is multi-language capable. Thus the Foresight Service allows for the printing of data and text in multiple languages, viz, Hindi, Sanskrit and English, on the same page simultaneously.

6. The Foresight product has the world's largest data base of cities and sites, indexed and cross-indexed both in terms of co-ordinates [latitude/longitude] and time-zones.

7. The calculative modules possible in the Foresight product take up almost 80,000 lines of structured programming code, as the Foresight product adopts the more accurate generative approach to calculating planetary positions as opposed to the interpolative approach adopted by most other astrological software, which is less accurate. The system and methods adopted in the calculative modules have a very strong astronomical basis [the precise degree [position] of celestial bodies are arrived at using empirical/mathematical formulas for calculating the motion of planetary bodies which has an accuracy level of up to the 17th decimal point].

8. The Foresight service is highly modular in design: output may be customized in such a way that it can print any given page or pages in isolation or in combination.

9. The interpretative part of the Foresight product is fully analysis based, employing in part a certain level of Intuitive Artificial Intelligence, to quantify and clarify conflicting and repetitive inferences. The analysis model incorporated into the Foresight software is highly accurate, based as it were upon headings and issues rather than signs and houses, and with all aspects for each head considered in all possible permutations and combinations.

10. While the presentation of the Foresight product may be graded, from full gray-scale to full-color, it is a high-end service that is not currently available in the country except from Foresight.